Truth Artlcle

Truth Artlcle

Thurgood Marshall once spoke of a man by the name of Charles Hamilton Houston as the engineer of it all Houston, a stern and rigid, but fair, man was the Vice Dean of Howard University and head of their law school which he brought into prominence.  One of his greatest proteges being no other than Thurgood himself.   Huston once declared, a lawyer’s either a social engineer or he’s a parasite.  Nicknamed “Iron Shoes” Thurgood recounts.  He made it clear to all of us that when we are done, we were expected to go out and do something with our lives.  Men called to action.  God has made no less of a declaration for our lives.  Once prepared, and once equipped, we must move forward.

Black men are still plagued today with many social ills.  We are confronted with high rates of mortality in the areas of HIV infection, Homicide, Unintentional injuries, Heart disease, and Cancer.  Black males have a 29% chance of serving jail time compared to 3% for whites. (According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS))  As well, 1 in 3 black males between the ages of 20 and 29 is under some form of correctional control, compared to 1 in 15 for white males, and 1 in 8 for young Latino males.  The BJS also reports that black women account for three times as many reported cases of domestic violence (physical abuse) than their white counterparts.  There is much work to be done within the black community among our male counterparts.

The solution lies in faith in an all-powerful God who is able to break these morally, socially, and spiritual degrading “chains” from our black men and young men.  Our God is able to bring purpose and function, to the many dysfunctional souls among our society.  We realize that our struggle is not only with men of color, but also with our society as a whole.  For society must know that some of there fears concerning our black men are myths, and illusionary.  And in terms of salvation, they too, must bow down and reverence God, and develop a relationship with his son, Jesus Christ.  But if we have to start somewhere, why not start at home.

The Brotherhood of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. has a great opportunity.  With ours being an organization comprised of men who are connected to God, empowered by Christ, and guided by the Holy Spirit.  Our mission is to equip, develop, and encourage men in becoming men of spiritual valor, obedient disciples, and kingdom builders, as a result of our proliferating relationship with Christ and other Christian brethren.  The vision for the Brotherhood is one that seeks to cultivate biblical masculinity through relationships of brotherly love and peer accountability, bible-based training, and Christian mentorship, resulting in Christ-like character, service, and leadership in our families, church, workplace, and community.  The desire is that by effecting change in our own lives, and as obedient disciples of Christ, that we answer the call of the Great Commission; that we move past our own intellect and in faith, move toward action; that we become soldiers who will to go to the “frontlines” to champion the cause in the name of an almighty, and sovereign Lord.

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