From The President

We are indeed honored and humbled to share with you the great blessings the Lord has, and is bestowing on the Men of this great Church, who are members in this great National Brotherhood Ministry.  However, we must continue to seek God for guidance as He leads us along the way.

I know many of our local churches have brotherhood ministries up and running; however, not all have completely sold out on the ideal of a brotherhood in their churches.  We look forward to working with them to establish and/or strengthen their men’s ministries.

Our mission is to equip, develop and encourage men in becoming men of spiritual valor, obedient disciples, and kingdom builders.  And, our vision is to cultivate biblical masculinity through relationships of brotherly love and peer accountability, bible-based training, and Christian mentorship, resulting in Christ-like character, service, and leadership in our families, church, workplace, and community.

Our focus for pursuing this vision is based on Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. In short, I CAN be Involved in our men’s ministry; be Committed to our ministry; be Accountable for the commitments we make, and Nurture our boy into manhood.
While we appreciate the commitments many of the brothers have made to the Men’s Ministries, we must always remember that it’s time out for excuses. That’s right! There can be “No More Excuses”! When we recognize that we are the ones put here to present God’s word to a dying world, we will stop looking for someone else to do it for us.  We are it! We are all blessed men, so we need to start acting like it.  We should be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, as Jesus tells us in Matthew chapter 5.  Moreover, remember to Be the man!; Be mighty men of Valor!; Be the salt!; and Be the light! that this world needs to find its way back to Jesus.  It starts with each man in this ministry.  Our creed states that As a Christian Brother, I shall; Ishall; I shall; I shall!!  It is all about you and me as an individual. God called you! And He called me!  To use Elder Craig Hancock word.  We must Represent!  So remember our focus: I can do all things through Christ.

Your fellow laborer of Christ!

Gregory Wilson, Sr.
Keep the faith!